January 22, 2024

Your financial partnership for success in the property sector


For well over a decade, The TMS Group has served the property sector through an innovative engagement platform that allows both business and team members more financial freedom through operating more tax efficiently.

SJM Consultants are proud to be involved through Steve’s position within the business as Group Sales Director. Having worked on a consultancy basis for some 6 years, Lee Glassar, MD of TMS, asked Steve to take a more active role and we are pleased to say that the offering is going from strength to strength, especially with the need for a compliant and legal contractual agreement for the many new HUB style operations popping up in the sector.

Please remember, our traditional model is to transition your existing PAYE workforce into contracted consultancy roles, where your people will appreciate between 10 and 15% more money in their net pay packets. This also results in huge savings for businesses with your PAYE obligations being negated, and savings on payroll of around 17.5%


  • Huge savings on payroll costs, one of the largest items on your balance sheet
  • Any P11D tax related issues negated
  • All payroll calculations and invoicing carried out by TMS
  • An arm to your recruitment profile
  • Existing clients report a much higher staff retention rate


  • The ability to take advantage of all the financial benefit afforded the self-employed
  • Many personal expenses can now be offset against tax
  • Up to 15% more money in their net pay packet
  • A revenue approved contractual arrangement with the same notice periods
  • All self-assessments, collation of expenses, and tax returns done by TMS 
  • The ongoing support of our client liaison team
  • Continue to be treated the same as existing employees