March 21, 2023

Maximising your take home pay


Hi. Good day everyone. Lovely to see the mornings and evenings getting lighter, and the weather finally warming up. I don’t know where the beast from the east went; I thought he was imminent!

It’s also that time of year when we have been doing self assessments and tax returns, and keeping ourselves compliant with Mr HMRC. April also sees the start of the new tax year and an ideal time for both businesses and individuals to look at their financial affairs and to determine whether transitioning to the new breed of contracted consultancy workers is right for them.

Remember, it isn’t for everyone, but if you’d like to maximise your take home pay from your hard earned money, then it will work for you as long as you are eligible. You can always contact me directly to check, but if you work in and around a sales environment with variable incomes or bonus structures, then it could well work.

TMS are an established business with over 15 years experience in this space and we have thousands of consultants and hundreds of businesses work with us over that period of time. I was chatting to one of my clients over the weekend and they were delighted with the £56,000 their business saved this tax year just by working more tax efficiently.

I have business owners and consultants who will gladly speak to you to reaffirm what we do, and how we look after both business and individuals on an ongoing basis. No need for accountants, no need for book keepers, and no extra work for your payroll people; we do it all for you.

Drop me an email to book in a call and have a lovely day everyone.