Self-Employed Engagement Platform


Ben Madden, Director of Fine & Country Chiswick was familiar with Steve from his days at Thorgills, his previous business. After seeing a webinar of Steve with Simon Whale of Kerfuffle, Ben approached Steve to discuss in more detail the TMS platform. Ben and his Co-D Daniel were sufficiently impressed with the TMS offering that they sought advice from their own accountant as to whether they should engage. The accountant signed off after meetings with Steve and Lee Glassar, CEO of the TMS Group, our strategic partners.

The team were consulted and it was decided whole heartedly that they should transition to the platform, allowing more financial freedom for both the individuals and the business.



In January of this year, MD of Benjamin Stevens Estate Agents in North London, Steve Wayne, approached Steve to discuss efficiencies and how he could help his team navigate the challenging circumstances around the economic crisis.

The natural answer was to turn to the TMS engagement platform, which Steve has introduced to many of his existing clients. Steve met with the businesses’ accountants and after a number of questions were addressed, it was agreed to move forward.

By transitioning those that wanted to retain more of their hard earned money we have assured them more financial stability, whilst also meaning the business was working more tax efficiently.



Kamran Saleem, Managing Director of Mortorserv UK, contacted Lee Glassar, MD of The TMS Group with questions around TMS’s unique engagement platform and its viability for his business in The Midlands.

Kamran runs a huge operation, servicing all makes of vehicles as well as being the go to dealership for MOTs. In 2023 alone, they handled over 10,000 vehicles through their workshops, as well as numerous car sales through their showroom.

Running such a large operation means big overheads, and despite running a profitable and vibrant business, efficiencies and careful cash management are at the heart of how they operate and thrive. Kamran was interested to look at 1. How TMS could help his cash flow, and 2. What it would mean for his people should they wish to make the transition.

At this stage Lee asked Steve Meade to get involved in his position as Sales Director within the business, and the two of them jumped on an hour long zoom with Kamran and his financial advisor. After deliberations and a number of questions around compliance and legalities, it was decided to offer all the team members at Motorserv UK the option of making the transition.

Steve arranged to visit the site for a day back in December 2022, and met with a number of eager technicians who wanted to know more about the platform and how it would mean more money in their net income. The first waive saw around 10 of the guys join us, and then 6 months later, when those sitting on the fence had had time to see TMS in operation, another 7 jumped on board.

We have recently completed all the tax returns for the guys, and everyone without exception is pleased they made the transition, with many having minimal tax bills to pay due to tool expenditure over the last 6 years. A welcome bonus when times are a challenging!

All in all, Kamran agrees he made the right move, and we have calculated savings to his business of over £50,000 in year one alone.

Steve regularly calls into the site, just to ensure the team are up to speed with everything TMS are doing for them, and to also bring on any new team members wanting to work more tax efficiently.



Mark Meyer had had long time dealings with Steve in the world of training and development, and as he launched his new estate Agency Business and rolled out the Franchise option, he was looking for a turnkey solution for any new associates joining the business, along with a contractual arrangement for any new team members for his franchise partners.

The key for Mark was around compliance and legalities, as he wanted to ensure all his franchise partners had water tight contractual agreements, so as they could concentrate on just building their businesses.

Steve was asked to visit the lovely offices in Poundbury, just outside Dorchester, and met with all of the partners to give them all a full overview of how the platform operated and the support both the business and the team members would get. Main concerns from the franchisees was the handling of self-assessments, tax returns and all of the HMRC related issues. These concerns were soon dispelled as Steve explained that all of this was taken care of by TMS and their support team of tax and compliance experts.

One by one, new associates were brought into the business, with Steve getting involved in the recruitment process, explaining just how easy it was to join the ranks of the self- employed with TMS at their side. We are pleased to say we have a fabulous working relationship with the Meyers group, and David Giles, Franchisee for the Southbourne and Christchurch areas had the following to say:

“I’ve now been working with Steve and the TMS Group for 5 years, and would highly recommend their services. My people are well looked after, and benefit from all the financial advantages afforded self-employed people, whilst I am safe in the knowledge that the TMS contractual arrangement we are utilising keeps us all compliant and protects my IP by way of the restrictive covenants. I would have no hesitation in recommending their products and services.”


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