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With the constant evolution of the world of Estate Agency, and the ever increasing support for the Self-Employed and Associate models, SJM Consultants provide a no nonsense approach to recruiting the right people for these roles. Steve has long been an advocate of the model, and has his own theories as to who is right, and who is not for these particular roles, and many a reason why!

If you are an agent looking to go down this route, or you have a business looking to either recruit or start a hub style set up, please get in touch and we will be delighted to run through with you exactly how we can help. Starting your own business, or developing an existing one, is not for the feint hearted, so as an individual you will get hands on support and mentoring should you wish to go down this route, and as a business, full on consultancy services at your fingertips.

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21st century sales skills; increasing your fee and instruction levels in estate agency.

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