Legal Eagles: How does Letting Agent Training keep you compliant and competitive in the real estate industry?

Letting agent training provides agents with a comprehensive understanding of the legal requirements governing the real estate industry. From tenancy laws to property maintenance regulations, training ensures agents are well-versed in the laws that govern their day-to-day operations. By understanding and adhering to these legal requirements, agents can avoid potential legal pitfalls and safeguard both…

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How can estate agents maximize their earning potential?

Maximizing earning potential as an estate agent involves a strategic blend of personal branding, market specialization, technological adoption, continuous education, and superior client service. Success in real estate hinges on an agent’s ability to distinguish themselves in a crowded marketplace. Specializing in niche markets such as luxury homes, commercial properties, or specific neighborhoods can help…

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Your financial partnership for success in the property sector

For well over a decade, The TMS Group has served the property sector through an innovative engagement platform that allows both business and team members more financial freedom through operating more tax efficiently. SJM Consultants are proud to be involved through Steve’s position within the business as Group Sales Director. Having worked on a consultancy…

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The Importance of Leadership Skills in Real Estate: Elevating Your Agency with Emotional Intelligence and Empathy

In the fast-paced and often high-stress world of real estate, the importance of strong leadership skills cannot be overstated. The ability to navigate complex transactions, handle sensitive negotiations, and lead a team effectively are all critical to the success of any real estate agency. However, in the pursuit of these objectives, the roles of emotional…

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Why Estate Agents need to charge higher fees

It is probably inappropriate to make a general statement around Estate Agents and Lettings Agents and the fee levels they charge, as there are a number of contributing factors to take into consideration. What is fair to say though, is that in general in the UK, we have over the last 30 years allowed ourselves…

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Maximising your take home pay

Hi. Good day everyone. Lovely to see the mornings and evenings getting lighter, and the weather finally warming up. I don’t know where the beast from the east went; I thought he was imminent! It’s also that time of year when we have been doing self assessments and tax returns, and keeping ourselves compliant with…

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How the pandemic changed our work expectations

The working environment has changed dramatically in recent years, due in no uncertain terms to the pandemic. We saw the vast majority of us working from home, or WFH as it has come to be referred to, and a number of challenges both financially and operationally for many businesses. For many workers and lots of…

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