Case Studies


Beresfords Estate Agents

In early 2023 Steve was approached by Beresfords Estate Agents after a recommendation from an existing client. At the time they were looking to invest in their people, and more specifically in their management team, and were looking for ideas around a programme that could be delivered to all 40 of the senior management, whilst also involving the Directors.

After much deliberation, Steve and Jon thought it prudent to offer the business the opportunity of a taster day of content of what they thought would work best for the group. The day was received extremely well and the feedback from Mark Lawrinson, the Operations Director, and other senior figures from within the group was immense.

A scoping day was held with Steve and all of The Beresfords Directors, and they settled on a year-long Leadership & Management Course that was to include 7 different modules, including How to build a high performing team, Coaching and Performance Management and how to complete effective appraisals. At the time of our new website going live we are mid-way through the programme, and all of the feedback has been exceptional.

Mark Lawrinson was kind enough to offer this testimonial

“We recently engaged Steve and Jon to deliver a leadership and management programme over the coming year, and as part of that programme they have delivered 3 days around increasing fees for all of our listers. In three short weeks we have noticed a marked improvement in both fee levels and attitudes from all of those attending the course. Without exception, all of our management team have embraced the training, and I can highly recommend the services of SJM Consultants.”



Fine & Country Chiswick, London

Ben Madden, Director of Fine & Country Chiswick was familiar with Steve from his days at Thorgills, his previous business. After seeing a webinar of Steve with Simon Whale of Kerfuffle, Ben approached Steve to discuss in more detail the TMS platform. Ben and his Co-D Daniel were sufficiently impressed with the TMS offering that they sought advice from their own accountant as to whether they should engage. The accountant signed off after meetings with Steve and Lee Glassar, CEO of the TMS Group, our strategic partners.

The team were consulted and it was decided whole heartedly that they should transition to the platform, allowing more financial freedom for both the individuals and the business.



EweMove Wapping & Bow

When Adrian Johnston took the decision to take on a EweMove franchise, he sought the assistance and advice of Steve, a long term friend and business associate. Being new to the industry, Adrian wanted sound advice around how to set up his marketing plan, what fee levels to charge at, and what was required to ensure he hit the ground running and become an Estate Agency to be reckoned with.

Adrian’s business acumen and his expertise in the world of sales stood him in good stead, and with Steve’s guidance for the first 6 months of his agency, he thrived and is now a force to be reckoned with in the area he operates, which incidentally is awash with well known High Street agents.

Quote from Adrian:

“Engaging Steve to help me with the finer detail of Agency and setting up was a no brainer for me. I was originally due to partner with an ex agent who had to pull out at the last minute, so whist I had complete faith in my ability as both a business man and a salesperson, that assistance and guidance of Steve was essential.”




Steve was approached by Parry’s partner Heather Cook after a recommendation through another training and consultancy business.

Heather was looking to bring one of her existing employees into the management team of the business and asked Steve to guide and mentor Ben, as well as looking at business strategies and how to increase sales levels and revenue.

Steve worked within the business, taking the weekly sales meetings via Zoom, and visiting the office for 3 days each month. He would also take weekly sessions with his new mentee, as well as guiding and advising other members of the team.

Ben Watkins is now a fully-fledged partner in the business and often refers back to the sessions he had with Steve, referring to them as “having his tyres pumped up”, a rather strange analogy, but we think you know what he means!

Steve worked with Parrys for 18 months and still retains a great relationship with Heather both inside and out of work.

Heather said of Steve back then:

“I started working with Steve during Lockdown and really benefitted from his ideas and suggestions.

Steve’s very direct in his approach and will challenge our way of thinking. If we don’t agree he will consider our point of view and prompt discussion.

Steve is currently working as a mentor with one of our team who is new to his role and in his early days of leadership. He has been great in helping to build his confidence as well as working with generic leadership skills and more specific agency skills.

He is always prepared and always has a great sense of humour”



Benjamin Stevens Estate Agents, Edgware

In January of this year, MD of Benjamin Stevens Estate Agents in North London, Steve Wayne, approached Steve to discuss efficiencies and how he could help his team navigate the challenging circumstances around the economic crisis.

The natural answer was to turn to the TMS engagement platform, which Steve has introduced to many of his existing clients. Steve met with the businesses’ accountants and after a number of questions were addressed, it was agreed to move forward.

By transitioning those that wanted to retain more of their hard earned money we have assured them more financial stability, whilst also meaning the business was working more tax efficiently.



What sets us apart

In the midst of a competitive housing market, a seasoned property developer who wishes to remain anonymous, found himself confronted with a daunting challenge. Despite the quality of his properties, an oversaturated market and changing buyer preferences left the final phase of 14 units unsold. Frustrated and seeking a fresh perspective, they decided to enlist the services of a forward-thinking estate agent, who utilised our drone technology to redefine the marketing approach.

The integration of drone technology into the marketing strategy yielded remarkable results:

  1. Increased Interest: The drone footage and virtual tours generated significant interest among potential buyers. The unique and visually appealing content set the development apart in a crowded market.

  2. Accelerated Sales: The innovative approach led to a noticeable uptick in inquiries and property viewings. The use of drones not only attracted more attention but also expedited the decision-making process for interested buyers.

  3. Sold-Out Success: Thanks to the impactful marketing strategy, the remaining units were successfully sold. The combination of drone technology and a tailored approach resulted in a full sell-out, exceeding the developer’s expectations.

This case study highlights the transformative impact of integrating drone technology into a new homes marketing strategy. A forward-thinking approach not only addressed the challenges faced by the developer but also positioned his properties as unique and desirable in a competitive market. The success of this collaboration underscores the potential for innovative technologies to redefine the real estate sales landscape.


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